Charabans corporation deeply understands the importance of protection of personal information and establishes our policies of the regulations within our organizations, and is always subjected to provisions of our privacy policies as follows:

The Basic Policies of Protection of Personal Information

Charabans defines the basic policies of personal information as follows:

  1. Charabans is subjected to a provision of personal information protection laws and/or any related guidelines and regulations governed by Japan and strictly adhere to these laws.
  2. We clarify the purpose of the usage of personal information in the policies, and proceed to gather, use, and distribute the personal information as stated in the policies.
  3. With the exceptions of the permissions of Japanese laws, the personal information will never be distributed to any third parties without the consent of the owner of the information.
  4. We secure all the personal information and implement proper security measures in lieu of all the organizational, physical, oral, and technical matters.
  5. We establish the policies of personal information and provide security awareness training to learn personal data handling properly.
  6. We conduct a periodical auditing on the data management of personal information and continuously improve security.
  7. When we use third parties, we examine their eligibility in details and we provide further instructions about the data management and monitor their usage.
  8. Any disclosure, modification, addition, deletion, or notification of usage, of the personal information requested by the owner of the personal information, shall adhere to Japanese laws, and we take proper measurement for any opinions or inquiries. We will post the announcement on the website when we change our policies of the protection of the personal information.

1. A method of Obtaining the Personal Information

Charabans obtains the personal information including user information in a proper method for services we provide.

2. A Purpose of Usage of Personal Information

Charabans utilizes personal information for the following purposes:
With the exception on personal information protection laws of Japan, the personal information will not be used for purposes not stated below without the consent of owners.

  • - Entrusting a business
  • - Proceeding a business
  • - Responding to inquiries or giving guidance of these services
  • - Responding to activities which violated to agreements, statements, and/or policies of Charabans.
  • - New recruitment for Charabans
  • - Additional usages related to purposes above.
  • - Occasional usage stated when the personal information was obtained.

Purposes above might be implemented in the future as long as it's all considerably and rationally related the aforementioned. When we implement the purposes, the new content will be posted on our website.

3. Distributing Personal Information to Third Parties

Charabans will not distribute any personal information except following:

  • Where the owner of the personal information previously agreed with distributing to the particular third party.
  • Where it meets the laws of Japan.
  • Where the acquisition of personal information is required for the protection of the life, body, or property of an individual and consent is not accessible from the owner of the personal information.
  • Where interruption of our business is possible in lieu of the owner’s consent to use the information by low enforcement conducted by a legally authorized individual, a public organization, or a government organization.
  • Where partial or all of the personal information will be distributed within the accomplishment of the necessity of usage.
  • Where it is allowed by the laws of Japan.

4. Basic Policies of Safety of Personal Information

Charabans will strive to keep and store personal information safely and to prevent any incidents of leaks, losses, or damages to/of personal information.

5. Inquiries of Personal Information Handling

Charabans is under the provision of personal information protection laws, any related laws, and all regulations of Japan, and will take immediate measures regarding personal information handling.
Inquires regarding contact details, opinions, questions, and information handling are welcome. →Contact to us is here.

6. Continuous Improvement of Basic Policies

Charabans shall be in accordance with the laws of Japan regarding the personal information and continuously make improvement. Whenever necessary, basic policies will be implemented.

7. Notes

Charabans will give the most careful attention on personal information registered by users. However, besides the personal information indicated on provided forms, other information, Charabans will be accountable for any other information.