"" is an entertainment service with digital characters Charabans, Inc. designs and provides.

  • Characters×Digital×Play

    We combined our characters with digital and joyful components, that will provide you a special experience called "Extra Touch".

  • Characters×Digital

    Your digital characters will always be beautiful and energetic in any circumstances like your iconic characters.

    They all have unlimited potentialities such as using magic and flying in the sky; from under water to the OutSpace; from tiny-micro sized to big sized.

  • Characters×Play

    The experience, we call "Extra Touch", will provide you a breathtaking moment with various play modes (rules), that can be developed by a leading design company, Charabans, in a Japanese gaming industry.

    With properly designed rules, that would give an impressive feeling of participation into more exciting games, players will eventually realize how excitement it is by their emotions throughout playing.


  • Flatoons
  • Flatoons -LT-


1What is ""?

"" is an entertainment service Charabans provides with our original digital characters.

2How much does it cost?

Because our services can be customized for any requests, the price is in a wide range. Please feel free to contact us. We can adjust the customization for your budget. Please contact here.

3How long does it take from order to release?

It depends how you prefer to customize based on sizes of spaces, required machines, and customized contents. The shortest period should be from 15 days to 30 days approximately. Since it relies which contents you prefer to use, please feel free to contact us. Please contact here.

4How much space do you need to set up everything?

"Ball Shooters" requires 5m by 5m. (16.4ft by 16.4ft)
"Flatoons" requires 2m by 2m. (6.5ft by 6.5ft)
"Flatoons-LT-" requires 1m by 1m. (3.2ft by 3.2ft)
There will be a little adjustment based on machines and spaces. Please feel free to contact us. Please contact here.

5What and how far can you customize?

We can customize characters, backgrounds, detailed designs, types of output devices, as described in each service of this website. Please feel free to contact for any questions or more details.

6Do you have a rental plan?

Yes. We can provide a rental service for limited contents. Please contact us for more details.

7Can you use a machine that I already have?

There might be something you can substitute for our services such as a projector. Please contact us for details.

8What is the difference between "Flatoons" and "Flatoons-LT-"?

The cost varies. -LT- (Light) carefully selects standard gestures and reduces them, so you can start a digital character experience with reduced installation/operation costs.


  • Flatoons LT

    TAKARAJIMA Ion Shin-Urayasu store (Chiba Pref.)
    Dec 06, 2019 - Permanent


    KIT PLAY KisukeBOX (Ehime Pref.)
    Dec 16, 2019 - Permanent

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